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ok, I said it in the first post, but that's already at the bottom of the blog and nobody is likely to read it so... here I go again: this blog is devoted to lyrics translation - specially arashi's, but as soon as I have time you may see other groups' songs appearing here too. if left to my choice i obviously translate the songs I like or the ones I'm listening to at the moment, but I also accept requests. so if you have a song you want to see translated leave a comment in this post and I'll add it to the list.

as I progress with the translations, the songs in the list will be crossed out instead of deleted so that you can see which ones are done already.

the time it takes to translate lyrics varies depending on the difficulty of the song but mostly on my availability! since I have a life and classes to go to I normally try to catch up with the translations during my freetime. please be patient if two or three days pass since you make your request, it may be that I had a specially busy week ^_^

oh! if you want to friend me you are welcome to it, you don't have to ask. but if you have a blog - no matter if it's arashi related or not - please leave a comment telling me about it so I can pay you a visit. :)


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[labo・flumpool] translation

labo - flumpool</div></div>

I continue with my flumpool-mania, sorry guys - if I could translate korean I'd probably be doing DBSK songs too :p
I had already begun with this one when mamoruchan  "suggested" that I did it next - another prove that our brains are still receiving signal despite the distance -_-'

ps - anyone else here thinking the singer could as well appear in the PV in the same fashion as above? just a random thought...


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[angela aki] sings at the 75th edition of the NHK national school music contest (I have no idea what it is, but that was what was written in the vid's info) one of her most popular songs, entitled "letter, to my dear 15-year-old self". mamoruchan  was curious about the kids of the audience crying and wanted to know the exact meaning of the song, so here it is. thank you, 姉ちゃん for discovering this performance, it's one of the best I've seen so far ^^.

I hope you enjoy it!

[手紙〜拝啓 十五の君へ]・アンジェラ・アキCollapse )拝啓 この手紙読んでいるあなたは どこで何をしているのだろう
haikei kono tegami yondeiru anata wa doko de nani wo shiteiru no darou
dear one who is reading this letter somewhere, surely doing something,

十五の僕には誰にも話せない 悩みの種があるのです
juugo no boku ni wa darenimo hanasenai nayami no tane ga aru no desu
at 15, I alreay bear a seed of worry I haven’t told anyone about.

mirai no jibun ni atete kaku tegami nara
since this is a letter addressed to my future self

kitto sunao ni uchiakerareru darou
I'm sure I can confide in her.

今 負けそうで 泣きそうで 消えてしまいそうな僕は
ima makesou de nakisou de kiete shimaisou na boku wa
now that I'm on the brink of giving up, crying, fading away,

dare no kotoba wo shinjiarukeba ii no?
whose words should I trust?

hitotsu shika nai kono mune ga nandomo barabara ni warete
this is the only heart I have and it has broken into pieces countless times,

kurushii naka de ima wo ikiteiru
I’m alive now within the pain,

ima wo ikiteiru
I'm alive now.

拝啓 ありがとう 十五のあなたに伝えたい事があるのです
haikei arigatou, juugo no anata ni tsutaetai koto ga aru no desu
my dear, thank you; there is something I wanted to tell your 15-year-old self:

自分とは何でどこへ向かうべきか 問い続ければ見えてくる
jibun to wa nanide doko e mukau beki ka, toitsukereba miete kuru
you will become clear how and where to head to if you keep asking questions.

areta seishun no umi wa kibishii keredo
the sea of wild youth is hard, but

明日の岸辺へと 夢の舟よ進め
ashita no kishibe e to yume no fune wo susume
on tomorrow's shore you'll board the ship of dreams.

今 負けないで 泣かないで 消えてしまいそうな時は
ima makesou de nakisou de kiete shimaisou na toki wa
when you’re on the brink of giving up, crying, fading away,

jibun no koe wo shinjiarukeba ii no
the best thing to is to trust your own voice.

otona no boku mo kizutsuite nemurenai yoru wa aru kedo
as an adult I also feel hurt and have sleepless nights,

kurishikute amai ima wo ikiteiru
but bittersweet as it is, I'm alive now.

人生の全てに意味があるから 恐れずにあなたの夢を育てて
jinsei no subete ni imi ga aru kara, osorezu ni anata no yume wo sodetete
because everything in life has a meaning, cherish your dreams without fear,

Keep on believing

負けそうで 泣きそうで 消えてしまいそうな僕は
makesou de nakisou de kiete shimaisou na boku wa
when I'm on the brink of giving up, crying, fading away,

dare no kotoba wo shinjiarukeba ii no?
whose words should I trust?

ああ 負けないで 泣かないで 消えてしまいそうな時は
aahh makenai de nakanai de kiete shimaisou na toki wa
aahh don't give up, don't cry, when you seem to be about to fade away

jibun no koe wo shinjiarukeba ii no
the best thing to is to trust your own voice.

itsu no jidai mo kanashimi wo sakete wa torenai keredo
sadness has and will never be unavoidable, but

笑顔を見せて 今を生きていこう
egao wo misete, ima wo ikite ikou
show your smile, live,

ima wo ikite ikou

拝啓 この手紙読んでいるあなたが
haikei kono tegami yondeiru anata ga
dear one who is reading this letter,

shiawase na koto wo negaimasu
I wish you happiness.

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I don't know why I chose this song after [hana ni nare]. maybe because I find it difficult to decide which of their songs I like better... m(o)m
I should have been writing a composition for japanese class, but I guess this counts as "studying" also, right?

on another note, I'm starting to get worried - it seems I could go on sleeping indefinitely, I'm always tired TT_TT. today I got home after uni and even though I was starving I dropped dead on my bed and fell asleep. O.o this may be a problem in the short term...

anyway, 楽しんでください!

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hi minna! I'm back from a long, long hiatus. the thing is I came back after christmas holidays, with my little mac miraculously repaired in time, and soon after it was stolen. Y_Y which was a big shock. for some time I just wasn't in the mood for translating or even connecting to the internet - apart from the fact that I cannot write in japanese with my pc laptop. I was able to get hold of another mac, but I was in the midlde of my exams and didn't have much time for anything else. now I'm back with the debut single of [flumpool], a group mamoruchan  introduced to me. I love all their songs equally, but this one was the first I ever listened to, through skype while talking to my neechan - it sort of has a special meaning ^^.

enjoy! 楽しんでね!


Hana ni Nare - flumpool

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[hiatus] T_T


I want to cry.
yesterday my mac had an aneurysm - or so I think because she died suddenly and painlessly (yes, it's a "she" and her name is [tamiko], just as my car is a "he" and is called [kohaku]). it's a very sad loss, much more so since she was young and in good health (barely 9 months old, loved and cared for by her owner).
yesterday morning she had been singing beautifully when I put her to sleep for a while. in the evening I tried waking her up, but onto no avail. she made an attempt to open her eyes once or twice and then closed them forever... TAT
my little baby is gone and she took with her all my arashi pictures, my translations my writings...
so I will be going into hiatus for a while. when I get back to spain I'll send her to the mac store and see what they tell me after the autopsy. I hope I won't have to get her replaced - having back anything but tamiko will pain me, she was already personalised and had her own character.
until then I guess I'll focus on my japanese classes, study a lot of kanji and start katayama kyouichi's novel [sekai no chuushin de ai wo sakebu] ]- something good had to come out of this after all.
I'll miss everyone in LJ so much!!!!! TAT

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[be with you・嵐] lyrics and translation

in a week from here I'll go back home!!!! 待っててねえちゃん、明子ちゃん、もう直ぐ帰るだろう!
even if I've finally found my place here in rome I can't help being excited about returning :9 I left so many things - and people - behind... ahh... but one of my friends is not coming back from chicago for christmas TT_TT and I haven't seen him since I left for tokyo this summer. that's the only sad thing this christmas V_V, that I won't be seeing him.

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now that I've cried a bit I can continue (some other day I'll talk about the things I'll miss from rome - I swear there are some!). today's song is also from the [time] album, but unlike [太陽の世界] this one has no footnotes!! >_< yay! though I guess I compensated for that with my whining... T_T


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pic credits go to mamoruchan 

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this song goes specially for sabi - who is my personal "sun" here in rome ^_^ - and told me she had always wondered what they said and never really got down to translate it. well, it's a good thing we're studying keigo, sabi, cause it came up quite a few times! inagaki-sensei's classes are finally proving useful ^_^

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after this unjustified rant, here's the song:

(warning: record-breaking list of footnotes ahead)

[太陽の世界]・嵐 Collapse )

pic credits to mamoruchan , ありがとうねえちゃん!

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bye bye css

finally finished wrestling with the f***ing css >_<
it has taken me long, but considering that:
1. it' not mine originally, and
2. (this should have been no.1 though) I have not the slightest idea of how to make them
I think the result is fairly satisfactory.

ah.... *long sight*

now I can go back to translating!
next song will be [太陽の世界]!お楽しみにしてください!

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before I begin, note that this post is about a group called "triple A" - aka [AAA] - and is not related to Arashi Around Asia in any way. now you can close this tab and continue your search :)

[AAA] is a seven member boys-and-girls band that debuted in 2005 under avex trax label. so far they have released 4 albums and mini-albums. and 19 singles, one of which made the #1 position in the [oricon top 200 weekly list] - others ranging between posts #20 and #4. their style is said to be "pop/eurobit", but with these japanese groups you never know ¬_¬' , plus I no longer care to aply labels when faced to chose between zillions of sub-sub-genres...
all in all, this song belongs to the mini-album [the choise is yours] - which also included "Akireru Kurai Wagamama na Jiyuu", "BET", "crash", "crying freeman" and "ZAPPER". enjoy the song - as always, if you want it you just have to ask! :)

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mood-icon credits to viridian_icons 

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